Everything About Silver IRAs You Need To Know

As you continue to build your retirement, one of the things you need to be aware of is that investment should be done early and strategically. If you are thinking of the best retirement investment, then it is an IRA. IRA or Individual Retirement Account is actually a long-term savings account which people who earn can use to save up for their future, particularly in their retirement years, and enjoy specific tax advantages.

Initially, IRA is made for self employed earners who are not working, hence, no access to retirement accounts like 401k, which is only available through employers or regular employment.

You can open an Individual Retirement Account in an online brokerage, in an investment company, or a personal broker if you wish.

If you want to get the most out of your IRA, then considering the Silver IRA as a type of IRA is what you need to consider.

Buying Silver With Your IRA

Silver is getting more and more popular, hence, those who want to start their retirement years with a bang would like to invest in silver. Silver can serve as a screen to keep inflation away from your investment, as it always comes with a good value.

Through a silver IRA, your portfolio will be protected against economic uncertainty and this can also increase your investment diversification.

Moving on, whether you are near the age of your retirement or you still have two, three or more decades left to save up, having a reliable plan that would work is what you need to do to maximize your retirement investment.

One of the most argued ways to smoothen your road towards a good retirement is precious metals IRA. Silver IRA can help you get a good control of your portfolio, as silver promotes diversification to the usual bonds, stocks and mutual funds you invest in.

Just so you know, the silver IRA operates like the rest of the IRAs. The rules of silver IRA are the same as with traditional IRAs like those with bonds, mutual funds and stocks, and it also applies to other precious metals IRAs.

The only difference you can get from a silver IRA is you get more diversified and controlled investment.

So, what are the regulations part of the silver IRA? Read below:

The silver should be held according to what the IRS asks

The IRS or Internal Revenue Service regulation states that if you open a silver IRA account, you have to make sure that your silver is stored in a regulated and secured depository with an accredited custodian.

The silver cannot be stored in the comfort of your own home or generally, in your possession.

Purity Standards

In terms of purity, the silver that will only qualify for the IRA account are those that have a purity level of 99.9% and have a fineness grade of .999 to qualify.

If you are looking to buy pure silver or gold online, you have to do it safely, and this you can do if you buy from a verified and certified mental exchange company.

You have to fund your Individual Retirement Account by buying new silver coins

To create your silver IRA account, you have to fund it by purchasing new silver coins with your retirement funds. You are not allowed to use pre-owned silver to save in your Individual Retirement Account, you may, but, roll over funds from an IRA account that is already existing into your silver IRA to purchase silver.

You have to remember IRS contribution limits

It was specified that you can only invest up to $5500 per year for people who are under 50 and when you are over 50, you can invest up to $6500 annually. These limits have been on for several years already. It might change, but no news just yet.

Although the process of starting a silver Individual Retirement Account is simple, there are many aspects of this type of IRA that remain unfamiliar.

To help you further, here are the do’s and the don’ts of silver IRS to make it more successful:


– Do choose the right IRA company that has a solid reputation, established, trusted and transparent. Choose the right IRA company wisely and carefully.

– Do make sure that the custodian you are working with is approved, accredited and on the list of the federally approved trustees for silver IRA rollovers by IRS.

– A licensed and trustworthy company should keep the silver coin or bullion you are planning to buy.

– Do assess and confirm whether you are paying too much or not. You need to know the value of silver, and make sure that you won’t go beyond what the worth of the silver is in the current market.


– Do not confuse yourself with silver ETF with genuine, and real physical silver.

– Do not buy any silver that you will come across. You have to make sure you are considering real silver.

– Do not buy silver that seems right, you have to make sure that you are buying from a trusted company, and the price should not matter as much.

Silver IRA restrictions

You should know that there are restrictions when investing in silver. It is not legal for a self-directed Individual Retirement Account to buy banknotes, foreign currency, or other assets, whether or not these fall under the traditional definition of security.

Dealers of silver bullion were trying to avoid this restriction, and this they did by providing what they called the “warehouse receipts”.

These receipts actually acted just like shares in a stock where the IRA holder owns an intermediate amount of the asset of a company, usually silver.

There are a lot of other investments you can choose from to be more ready as you retire, which will work and which investments won’t, read through.

What Works And What Does Not Work

Life Insurance Policies

Yes, life insurance policies are a form of investment, it is not the same as bond, currency or security, but instead a contract where you pay a fixed premium every year during your life time and the insurance company pays it back to your nominee after your death or whatever is written in the terms and conditions of the policy. There are a lot of people who are afraid to talk about death, as they see it as morbid, but if you will come to think of it, it is not the case.

Through life insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that the people you will leave behind will be safe and financially secured even after you pass.


When thinking of collecting, comics, and sports cards may easily come to your mind. While this idea is still workable for some, the appreciation or the values of these items are not constant. Unlike in stocks, more so on silver, collectible items are only worthy if there is someone who is willing to pay for a higher value.

Foreign Investments

To those who have extra money to spare, foreign investment can be considered. While venturing investment outside the US is something you can consider, there are regulations, risks and laws you should be aware about. There are limitations on up to how much you can contribute to a foreign entity, the same as foreign investment comes with tax burdens.

Before you start your foreign investment journey, it is always best if you consult a tax adviser first and make yourself familiar with different matters about foreign investments. All situations and circumstances are different, and planning may also be necessary beyond what you can find online.

Real Estate

Generally speaking, this is a safe investment, but some claim that it is far shot to be rich when you invest in real estate. If you will assess, there is a reason why there are a lot of foreclosure signs in front of houses; there are some who end up taking loans they actually cannot afford so they end up just selling their home or property lower than what they have invested.

If you decide to go this route, you have to research the commercial or residential property you are planning to invest in. You need to know about its realtor, developer, etc. You may also want to dig deep on the mortgage brokers as well.


There is a lot to get excited about when investing in a silver Individual Retirement Account, but needless to say, you need to know more about it before investing. There are limitations, do’s and don’ts if you want to be successful with this type of IRA. But needless to say, Silver IRA offers a lot of benefits you cannot get from a traditional IRA, hence worthy to consider.

Apart from silver and IRAs, there are a lot of other investments that can help you prepare for your retirement. Choosing which one to pursue very carefully is necessary if you want to get the most out of this investment.


Retirement is such an exciting pace in someone’s life, this is when you can enjoy your life to the fullest. But of course, if you are not 100% ready, there is a chance that instead of relaxation, you might end up stressed and full of worries.